CorEnergy Assets

Investments with Steady Performance and Long-term Growth Potential

The CorEnergy team’s extensive experience in the energy sector qualifies us to complete due diligence on each new asset acquisition – from the quality and maintenance of the physical property, to the business’ operational strategy and the qualifications of the management team – in order to meet our investors’ goals of stable cash flows and low-risk assets.

Energy & Power Industry Focused Portfolio

Upstream — assets used in the production of energy resources such as natural gas and crude oil, including dedicated specialized pipelines, above-ground storage facilities, and water disposal facilities.

Midstream — assets used in the gathering, storing and transmission of energy resources and their byproducts in a form that is usable by wholesale power generation, utility, petrochemical, industrial and gasoline customers, including pipelines, liquefied natural gas facilities and other related energy infrastructure real property assets.

Downstream — assets used to distribute refined products, such as customer- ready natural gas, natural gas liquids, propane and gasoline, to end-user customers, and the transmission and distribution of electricity.

Characteristics of Infrastructure Assets

  • Long-lived infrastructure critical to customers’ operations
  • Recurring, utility-like revenues and stable cost structure
  • Demand largely unaffected by energy price changes
  • High barriers to entry due to strategically located real property assets