CorEnergy Assets

Investments with Steady Performance and Long-term Growth Potential

CorEnergy focuses on long-lived critical assets that have stellar safety and environmental records and solid financials with room for growth.

CorEnergy Invests in Energy & Power Assets Across the Value Chain

Upstream – assets used in the production of energy resources, including dedicated specialized pipelines, tank and separation facilities, and in-field electric power distribution systems.

Midstream – assets used in the gathering, storing and transmission of energy resources and processed products including crude oil, renewable diesel, renewable/nonrenewable natural gas, natural gas liquids, CO2 and hydrogen.

Downstream – assets used to distribute renewable / nonrenewable refined products, such as customer-ready natural gas, natural gas liquids, propane and gasoline to end-user customers. Downstream also includes assets used in the transmission and distribution of electricity. 

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