Long-term, Consistent Returns based on a Diligent Investment Approach

CorEnergy’s strategy is focused on identifying and acquiring critical energy infrastructure including pipelines, storage terminals, offshore platforms, rights-of-way and electric transmission and distribution lines for low double-digit returns on investment. Our approach emphasizes operational and financial performance with the potential for enhanced returns through incremental asset growth, capital appreciation, and minimization of downside risk through market cycles.

Asset Fundamentals

  • Long-lived assets critical to customers
  • High barriers to entry with strategic locations
  • Contracts provide predictable revenue
  • Limited sensitivity to price/volume changes

Investment Characteristics

  • High cash flow component of total return
  • Attractive potential risk-adjusted returns
  • Diversification vs. other asset classes
  • Potential inflation protection
In Evaluating Investment Opportunities, Our Due Diligence Focuses On:
  • Assessment of the asset’s current and future role in the evolving energy sector
  • Value-add capability, including contributing to dividend stability, long-term dividend accretion potential, diversification and strategic growth
  • Engineering integrity, reliability performance, and environmental safety assurance
  • Regulatory framework and the asset’s competitive position
  • Customers and contractual relationships
  • Stability of cash flows
  • If asset is to be externally operated, the operator’s financial, reliability, safety and community service track record
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