Opportunities in Energy Infrastructure

Traditional and evolving energy infrastructure represents a diverse range of REIT-qualifying asset opportunities. CorEnergy provides a differentiated, tax-efficient vehicle to invest in critical infrastructure characterized by stable cash flows and inflation protection. The Company pursues acquisitions of high-quality assets vital to the communities, customers and the markets they serve.

Fixed-Asset Investment Benefits

Fixed-asset investments appeal to many investors due to long-term customer commitments, low volatility and low correlation relative to other assets.

Operational and
Counterparty Integrity

CorEnergy takes operational integrity seriously and demands the same of our counterparties. Our teams and those we do business with have strong environmental and safety track records. Inspecting and maintaining the assets we own while ensuring the safety of our personnel and the communities we serve is non-negotiable.

Growth Opportunities

In addition to leasing assets, CorEnergy’s Private Letter Rulings from the IRS enables asset ownership and operating control within our REIT structure. As a result, CorEnergy can pursue operating and strategic bolt-on projects to existing portfolio assets for the benefit of our investors.

Positioned for Energy Transition

With ownership in over 2,200 miles of rights-of-way, associated fee lands and leased properties, CorEnergy has the ability to selectively repurpose our assets to serve different markets and customers over time. We are well positioned to benefit from energy transition while maximizing the utility of traditional energy transmission and storage here and now. These “energy corridors” are expected to extend the useful lives of our assets and their revenue-generating capabilities.

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