Opportunities in Infrastructure

As influences shaping today’s energy infrastructure evolve, growth and change create opportunities for the right companies willing to rise to the occasion. We provide a differentiated mechanism to invest in critical infrastructure assets characterized by stable cash flows and inflation protection. We structure acquisitions designed to capture the steady performance and long-term growth of capable operators.  Based on the world’s economic needs and the companies that meet them, the potential for financial opportunity appears endless.

CorEnergy Transactions
Compelling for Operators

We have targeted assets operated by management teams that have a proven track record of success and substantial knowledge and focus in particular segments of the energy infrastructure sector.

Fixed Asset-Intensive Investments

Fixed-asset investments characteristically display such attributes as long-term stability, low volatility, diversification via low correlation and relatively inelastic demand.

Limited Technological Risk

We target acquisition opportunities across the energy value chain with limited application of new technologies or significant geological, drilling or development risk.

Growth Opportunities

We generally will seek to enter into leases that provide base and participating rents over the term of the lease. These increases are expected to be fixed or tied to rises in indices, such as the Consumer Price Index (“CPI”).

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